10 things that make me terribly happy

i follow the rockstar diaries, and if you dont- you should.
she began this movement of posting other bloggers’ lists of 10 things that make them terribly happy.
i have done this before (here), but its definetly time for a new list.

1. thinking about & planning our trip to thailand for new years 2013

2. skype dates

3. wine nights

4. suprising others with small gifts (bought or created)

5. imagining & planning my our entrepreneurial idea for when we move back to the states

6. hearing that i make my parents proud

7. receiving compliments from strangers

8. feeling the christmas spirit all the way over here in israel

9. when boyfriend looks at me & tells me im pretty

10. giving myself perfect mani / pedis & saving $20 bucks doing it

 i would love to hear your list, as well!


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