wedding on the brain

i am not a girl who has planned or even thought about my wedding since i was little. actaully, up until recently i didnt even see the need to get married. im just one of those who doesnt think a piece of paper can bound anyone to staying together forever, i think its up to the people in the relationship. however, circumstances change and unfortunatly, in our society, being married simplifies things. so were gettin’ hitched! i have been engaged for only one week, but we plan on marrying within one month (feb. 14th to be exact) so i need to narrow down some things that i see important for our special day. i have to find a dress, accessories and make some decisions. i am not frantic about it, but i will probably order a dress from the states which will take 2 weeks to get here and if it will need alterations then thats another few days. so i need to get on it and order it, like now. i have decided i want a grecian style, maxi dress. something simple that i can dress up with a pretty flower crown. i will wear my hair down, wavy and natural and i will do my own make up and i apply it as i normally do. i want dekel to recognize me, plus i hate a bride who has overdone it. with my maxi dress i will wear nude pumps left over from my best friend molly’s wedding and i will bring some cute sandals to wear on the beach afterward.

here is some of my wedding inspiration, if you will:
wedding photos
 flower crowns
wildflower wedding bouquet

 maxi dresses or skirt + top combinations





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