day 1. intro, photo & facts

hi. my name is miyan & i live in israel. i was born here in haifa, but i was raised mostly in dallas, texas. half of my family lives there and half of my family lives here. i have the best of both worlds.
1. i am getting married in 6 days!
2. i am the oldest of 8 siblings
3. i make a mean tuna salad
4. i still sleep with a baby blanket that my grandmother made (i call it moddet)
5. ive flossed maybe like twice in my life but have no dental problems due to good genes, thanks mom!
6. my blonde eyebrows are like invisible, i have to use filler or else i look kinda freaky
7. i have frequent cravings for pulpfree orange juice, especially around midnight
8. my pinkies are crooked
9. im so picky, yet so indecisive. im a libra.
10. i want to live in san francisco or washington dc when i “grow up”
11. i speak hebrew fluently
12. im a golfer
13. sweet & salty is my favorite mixture of candy, like take 5 or caramel covered popcorn
14. i have like no memory capability. seriously, i suck at remembering things
15. i color coordinate my closet

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