my own happy hour

after a grueling friday morning class in international & corporate finance, dekel and i headed to the beach to relax for a few hours with some beer and bissili in hand. we soaked up the sun and frolicked in got beaten up by the violent ocean waves, but had the time of our lives. i love being at the beach with my man!
after the beach we came home to wash off the salt and sand and we got ready for a date night. we set out to try a new little sandwich bar in ramat yishay called ‘zesty’ where dekel had the philadelphia cheesesteak sandwich with roasted red peppers, YUM! i had the israeli version of a BLT which was alright. we shared an order of potato wedges covered in sweet chili sauce which were uhhmazing. omigoodness yum! i will be going back just for those! anyways, after dinner we headed to happy hour at one of our favorite places for drinks, barbarosa. dekel ordered hoegarden and i indulged in a cocktail called ‘monica belichi,’ which is gin, pinnapple juice and a hint of sprite. so good! i had another two after that. their happy hour is “buy one, get one free” on cocktails and beers, so its justifiable, right?  🙂
i wore a black dress my sister sent me a long time ago from forever 21 with cut-outs in the sleeves, some old school brown target sandals, some earrings from the market and a high bun
 on the way home after a few drinks  🙂

luckily i remembered to take an advil before bed & drink water so i could wake up hangover-free, which worked! but now were about to crunch down and study for managerial accounting. womp womp…
what are you doing this weekend??

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