lettece wraps. its whats for dinner

one of the best dinners i have made yet!
seriously, these turned out SO good!
maybe next time i will use a bit less sugar, the recipe called for quite a bit and they were were kind of on the sweet side, but other than that, i will definetly be making them again.
of course, i couldnt find “water chestnuts” here in israel, so i substituted crushed up peanuts and i added to the recipe carrot slices, chopped up cabbage & a little bit of green onion. i didnt heat all the vegetables on the grill for the “stir fry” part of the recipe, i just grilled the chicken till it was cooked, added the “stir fry” sauce and mushrooms and then sliced the chicken and put it in the lettuce wraps with the cold vegrtable mix and topped it off with the “special sauce.” YUM!
prepare a few lettuce wraps. wash & pat dry 
my mix of carrot slices, chopped up cabbage, green onion & crushed up peanuts
 sliced chicken breast cooked in the “stir fry” sauce
 stir fry sauce + grilled mushrooms for topping
  the “special” sauce
my lettuce wraps!
a clean plate  🙂
what’s one of your dinner specialties?

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