sweet tooth

i met my dad this morning for a cup of coffee and breakfast treat before he heads to the uk in a few days.
my little sister, leonne, came too, as she broke her arm and is home from school. leonne and i split a chocolate molten cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (talk about sugar rush!), then i had to rush home and brush (& floss!) the crap out of my teeth because in a few hours i have part three of my root canal today, where they will finally finish and put a crown on my tooth. the hard parts are over and today’s appointment should only last 20 minutes and i dont even need anymore numbing shots, but im tellin you, FLOSS! the fact that i didnt floss everyday is why i had to get a root canal in the first place and its one uncomfortable experience!
tonight dekel and i are headed to the university of haifa to hear gary yourofsky speak.
he’s an animal rights activist and his videos are one of the reasons we are deciding to become vegan.
we are just hoping its not a “brain-washing session,” as dekel calls it…
anyways, to meet my dad, i wore a top from hollister (last worn here), capris from h&m, flats from old navy and earrings from a local jewelry market



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