10 things that make me happy

after seeing this post i was reminded that there are many things (large and small) in life that make me happy.
i’ve posted this list before (here & here), but it’s time for a new one  🙂
i thought it would be fun to post my list and then to have dek come up with 10 things that make him happy, too.
ill post his list tomorrow.
1. husband being off work for two weeks because of the jewish holidays & us spending so much time together, including this trip
2. being more creative in the kitchen since becoming vegeterian
4. clear skin
5. fresh manicures in fun colors
6. a new book, a thriller, of course
7. vanilla lattes with vanilla soy (or rice) milk. yum!
8. my new haircut & color
9. turning 27 and not feeling or acting a day over 24
10. new makeup (video post coming up!)

what are some things that make you happy?

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