frills & thrills

i met my dad this morning for ‘cafe hafuch‘ which is literally translated into “upside down coffee,” but really is just a latte or cappuccino, and a breakfast muffin with mushrooms and roquefort cheese. it’s our usual. we’re regulars.
we caught up, as usual, then he gave me a free hour long horseback riding coupon he won at an office raffle a few days ago, so dekel and i have a horseback riding date to plan soon, i guess. maybe by then it will be cool enough to wear some riding boots  🙂
after breakfast i decided to go to the mall in haifa. i am still on a strict no-shopping diet, but need some shorts for our upcoming trip to thailand, so i justified it. i wound up at h&m and found the perfect pair of super-comfortable, ultra chic, high-waisted shorts in a tannish brown color, then i found then in a pale orange color too, so i had to have both. as i was making my way back to my car, i convinced myself i could use some new tank tops, as well. one white, one black. can’t go wrong with those, right? 
and i got a new thriller …

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