its been a while since i posted…but nothing too exciting has really been going on around here…besides packing up our life as we know it.
so bittersweet going through everything we have accumulated while living in our little apartment together. tons of clothes, books, dishes, etc to be donated, sold or trashed.
as im writing this, some guys came to buy our “living room,” which means both sofas, our coffee table and tv stand, so dek & i will just have a blow up matress in the living room with the tv on the floor (or on a chair) and we will put together some moving boxes to substitute as our little coffee table for the next few weeks.
so many emotions running through as we prepare for this amazing trip and this whole new chapter in our lives, its hard to even put into words.

in the meantime, here’s a little before & “after” shot of our living room…it reminds me of when we just moved in!




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