a head start

today dek had a dr. appt. at 14:00, so i picked him up from work early and after his dr. appt. we went to the post office to ship some boxes of our stuff to my mom’s house. it feels really good to start clearing out our apartment and not saving everything for last minute. this week marks the 1 month mark till we leave, so i feel like dek and i are being very proactive by starting to sell our furniture (even if it means being a little uncomfortable for a few weeks) and shipping our stuff starting now (even if that means my outfits will be less than exciting for a while). 
so after sending those boxes on their way across the world, we went to a place in afula called “spoons for a late lunch/ early dinner.” dek had purchased a groupon for a shakshuka meal for two for 40 shekels, instead of 80. a pretty good deal! the shakshuka was really, really good and it came with side salad and bottomless bread. the only thing was i wished they had been a little more generous with the portion, i finished my shakshuka so fast and was still hungry. so we did what we do best…go for frozen yogurt  🙂


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