boots, books & a baguette

this post is about to be so random, but it’s kinda fitting bc my days seem to be so random lately.
today i woke up and just needed to get out of the house, so i slipped on my boots (it’s finally boot weather!) and went to get some books. i know “50 shades of grey” is so like 2 months ago, but hey! it’s slim pickins here! i also picked up a book by the author of another book i recently read and loved. john verdon’s 1st book is called “think of a number,” & i highly recommend it if you are into murder mysteries, like i am. hopefully this one called “shut your eyes tight” will be just as thrilling! i also went grocery shopping for a few things. picked up vegeterian ground meat, i dont even know what its made out of, but it tastes just like real meat & i plan to make spaghetti bolognese with it tonight & some garlic french bread on the side.
i seriously can not buy a loaf of french bread from the store without taking a bite out of it before even getting home!
anyone else do this??

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