weekend plans

this weekend dek & i are taking advantage of a free night’s stay at the crowne plaza in tel aviv courtesy of dekel’s work. we will leave here in about an hour to get there around 11 and walk around the market, which i love to do. then we will probably have some lunch and later check into the hotel. we love to explore the city & we might even rent bikes to do so!

on saturday dekel has planned for us to go to ‘dialoge in the dark.’ it’s a museum of sorts, but you are led through it, in complete darkness, to different rooms by a blind guide. the point is to learn about & use your other senses, since we rely so much on sight. should be very interesting. i’ll report back next week!

have a great weekend, ya’ll!

(i really love this “toy” effect in photos. gotta learn how to do that with my nikon!)


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