gold & crimson

hey guys!
happy thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate!
we are not celebrating here in israel, but as tradition in my family, we always say what we are thankful for around the table. so…i am thankful for my loving & supportive family, my sweet & handsome husband and my amazing friends that mean the world to me.
continuing with the holiday spirit, & after seeing this pretty post, i wanted to put together a collage of what my dream outfit would be for a fancy christmas or new year’s occasion. something that i would wear back in dallas. since this year we will be in thailand for christmas/ new year’s, i can only imagine i will be wearing shorts, a tank and some sandals…but i’m not complaining  🙂
i love this look. simple, but elegant. and since i’ve been feeling brave in the lipstick department lately, i would love to try this beautiful raspberry matte lipstick from nars.
what do you guys think?
do you like this look?

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