50 shades obsessed

ive heard so many people talking about this series and being as israel is late in everything, from movies to fashion to books, the “50 shades craze” just caught on here and im totally addicted to the books!
sadly, im on the 3rd and about to finish it, but i find myself actually feeling like anastasia & christian are real people with a real life! and i find myself looking at people a little bit differently now, thiking that anyone could be hiding some sort of sexual secret. it’s actually really fun to think about.
have you read / are you currently reading the books?
im guessing there will be a movie, & while it will probably not do the books justice, i think it will be a fun film to see because of their luxurious lifestyle. who will everyone? so fun to think about! i wanted to share my picks  🙂
i can totally see matthew bomer or henry cavill playing christian:
for ana, i can see any of the following girls playing her:
for kate, i think they would be perfect:

& for kate’s love interest elliot, i can see him:
(cause he’s got to be hot enough to win kate over, but also not hotter than christian)

i think this guy should play jose:

i think she would play a fantastic mrs. robinson:

for mia, i would choose someone sweet & cute, like:

for ethan, i would want to see this hottie:

what do you think of my picks?
who would you want to see as christian and ana?

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