dekel & i are starting to feel the anticipation of leaving for our trip, we only have 2 more weeks here!!
dekel only has only this week coming up left to work & then we will move into his parent’s house this upcoming weekend. we want to spend some more quality time with his fam & just tie up loose ends and take care of last minute stuff. we are also selling our car, so it will just be more convienient to live with them for a few days before we leave. 
im like so nervous about moving for some reason and i can’t put my finger on why. maybe it’s because i dont know when i will be back to this country i fell in love with in the past 4 years of living here, maybe it’s because im leaving my dad and even though i dont see his as often as i would like even now, its hard to leave him, maybe its our upcoming backpacking trip that is going to be unreal or maybe its just the fact that we are moving our lives to dallas and thats such a huge step. less huge for me since that’s where “home” is, but then again, i havent lived there for 4 years. things, places and people have changed. we will need to find jobs, which will be intimidating in itself. just craziness.
anyways, enough rambling…
here are some photos of what we have been up to lately.
just enjoying going out and spending time with each other.
at a pub we love in kibbutz ein harod, sharing a bottle of champagne
 at barbarosa in ramat yishay for happy hour, of course
 breakfast for two at a cute little cafe in afula, called “hafuch,” it means upside-down.
i got double salad, since im still not eating eggs
 at cafe hafuch, in my newish scarf  🙂
enjoying coffee & milkshakes with friends
 the pretty christmas lights in a shopping center in nazareth

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