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so, we officially moved out of our apatment & handed over the keys.
it was weird seeing our place in the same condition as when we first moved in, empty and echoey.
but we are that much closer to taking the trip of our lives & making the move to dallas.
7 days, to be exact  🙂
we are all “moved in” to dekel’s parents house, in dek’s old room before we moved in together.
they have such a beautiful house & his mom makes the best food!
we were so tired yesterday from moving everything and settling in that we just stayed in after shabat dinner and we i watched “dark tide,” which ended up being so dumb.
today i slept in till noon, got up & had my routine cup of vanilla coffee, we took turns showering & then we randomly decided to take a walk around his parent’s neighborhood. they live in ahuzat barak and its a fairly new “village,” it’s very clean with lots of beautiful plants and flowers everywhere. i took my nikon and used my new lens to get some outfit shots and just to play around with my lens, what do you think? 
later, dekel is going to the gym & i am going to watch elf. i love that movie!
then i think we are going out with friends.
happy saturday everyone!

wearing: tank top from abercrombie & fitch (old), cropped sweater from tnt, jeans from hollister, jacket from forever 21 & boots from nine west

   picking a pretty purple flower to put behind my ear

 dekel’s parent’s street
 dekel & his dog, boogie

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