randomness to the max

dekel & i had such a random, but wonderful day yesterday.
we woke up early to go to the social security office to sign some papers & then we headed to super-pharm to get some last minute medications and cremes before our trip (which we leave for in 5 days!!!), then we hit up the grocery store to buy some beer and snacks for a going away party we will have on thursday. after we ran our errons we met up with dek’s family for lunch at a hummus place in afula, then deke’s friend called and asked if we could help him out for the rest of the afternoon with something & since we had nothing else to do, we happily agreed.
dekel’s friend elad is a tour guide (he took us on this hike!), like for nature parks & stuff, and he had a nature tour to give to kids grades 4-6 from 4 pm- 9 pm but the lady who was supposed to help him cancelled last minute. he just needed us to help set up a bonfire & some food where he would end the nature tour so everything would be ready and waiting for the kids when they got there.
elad provided the wood for the fire and the food and tools and dekel, our friend guy & i went to where they would end the hike and we set everything up a long wooden table that was there. we prepared marshmellows on sticks & dekel made dough for the kids so they could make pita on a tabun. a tabun is a metal dome that you put over a bonfire, it heats up from the fire & you place the dough on it to cook. there was also labane with zaatar and olive oil & chocolate spread for the kids to dip their hand-made pita’s in after they cooked. we also made a big pot of sweet, mint tea for them cause it was kind of chilly after the sun went down.
ready for the day!


 guy & dekel
 the pretty pink sky
 making some mint tea for ourselves while we wait for the kiddos to arrive
 dekel getting the bonfire wood ready to use.
i had a nice view, huh?  🙂
 marshmellows on skewers for the kids to roast
 dekel making the dough.
there were 35 kids & each one was to get a small ball of dough to roll out to make his own pita.
we went through 4 bags of flour!



labane with olive oil & zaatar
while we waited for the kiddos, guy made us sambusak with olive oil & zaatar filling.
it’s a thin pastry that you can fill with cheese, onions & whatever you want (we only had olive oil & zaatar) & you fry it to a crisp and dip it in labane.
it was soo good!
i must have had like 5!
 dekel got the bonfire going when it got dark & chilly out
around 7 o’clock they finished their nature hike & we lit the 2nd hannukah candle and said the blessing
 dekel was in charge of making the kids pita’s on the tabun
all in all it was such a fun day, but we smelled so bad from the fire we showered as soon as we got home & then we made this for dekel’s mom so she would see it when she woke up & came downstairs since her birthday is today:
tonight we will celebrate with her & then tomorrow we are going to meet up with my dad in ramat yishay.
hope eveyone had a wonderful weekend!

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