in a beanie & boots

today dekel & i were crving meat, schwarma in particular.
(detailed description of what schwarma is here)
we tried becoming vegan a couple months ago and it was too extreme, too fast, so, for now, we just cut out meat, eggs & milk. we still eat dairy products and meat on occasion. today was one of those days. we went to afula to our used-to-be favorite schwarma place and indulged. dekel got his in a laffa, which is a large, thin flatbread & i got mine stuffed in a pita with hummus, cucumbers, tomatos & white cabbage. it was soooo good! it was our last, until we come back to visit, schwarma fix.
it was sunny, but kind of chilly out so i opted for a beanie & boots, but i kept my look “polished grunge” with natural wavy hair & a blazer. i spritzed this all throughout my hair after showering and scruntched it to give it that i-dont-give-a-shit messy vibe and decided to go a little bit darker with the eyeliner for a change.

 blazer- forever 21, tank- tel aviv market, jeans- h&m, boots- nine west, beanie- dekel’s (from the army), sunnies- tel aviv market

tonight we are having dekel’s friends & their girlfriends over for pizza & beer as a “going away” party for me & dek. i can’t believe we leave on sunday!!!

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