here we go…

i remember like it was yesterday when i wrote this post. same title.
i was about to start an adventure with my sister of moving to israel.
and here i am about to begin a new journey with my husband.
all day i have had this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.
nervousness and excitement all rolled into one
i cant describe what i feel.
it’s good & its bad.
sweet& sour.
i can’t wait to see my mom, sister and best friend, dandi, but i was so sad to say goodbye to my family here today. and it was even harder to watch dekel say goodbye to his friends and family. knowing it will be at least a year before we are back in this country made the goodbyes even harder.but it’s a journey we are about to embark on with smiles on our faces.
we are seriously so excited to travel around & then make our way back to dallas.
hopefully dallas will have great things in store for us  🙂

i plan to travel blog, hopefully at least a few times a week.
i hope you will follow along this journey with me us.


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