it ends in blueberry muffins

it’s been a while since i’ve been on the blog, but it’s because my grandfather passed away.
i haven’t had words or inspiration to share.
it happened at 10:20 pm march 16th. 
he just took his last breath, at home, in his bed, on her side. 
he had been sick & in pain for some time, so we all knew it was coming.
but you can never prepare yourself for what you will go through when losing a loved one. 
it knocks you on your knees, it floods through your eyes and it hurts your heart. 
but he is in a better place.
he is still with us, though.
he proved it when all the grandkids were sitting around talking in grandparents living room after the visitation and all of a sudden the light flickered off…and none of us had touched it & we were all there to witness it. it was the weirdest feeling & it could have been a coincidence, but i think we all felt his presence. 
he was the best man i have ever known.
a true example of what a gentleman, a great husband and the most wonderful grandfather in the world should be! 
since the funeral, i have been spending time with family (cousins flew in from tennessee, michigan and austin), working training at my new job & trying to strengthen my relationship with dek. the move here has been a bit stressful on our marriage, but seeing as we have such a great relationship we can just talk about what’s bothering the other person and vow to work on it and to make a change. that’s what we did the other day and we had wondered why we hadn’t talked sooner. communication really is key. 
random, but craving blueberry muffins right about now.
going to make these

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