the sour melan starts!

my sister & i have some big news!
we are starting a company called “the sour melan,” pronounced just like melon.
“melan” is a combination of our nicknames: mel & yan, which we thought was cute & the “sour” part in the company name comes from the fact that we are unique and unlike anyone else & there’s nothing like a sour melan!
we have opened an etsy shop, found HERE & we are currently taking custom orders for flower headbands & also jeweled bras & festival/ rave attire. we think the flower headbands are such a fun accessory for everyday wear & we love switchin ’em up & getting creative with them. new fall styles will be coming to our etsy soon!
we had our first photoshoot for the etsy shop at an abandoned railroad track here in dallas, it was about 105 degrees outside, even though we tried to beat the heat & got there at 9 AM, but we had so much fun with it & went to brunch at coffee house cafe right after where we made best friends with our 60-year-old waitress, who loved our halos and showed us off to the entire wait staff at the restaurant. she even brought the manager over to introduce us as “the pretty girls who are starting their own company,” which felt empowering to hear. 
anyways, hope you guys like our products & our photos! 🙂
which headband is your favorite??
the dallas star (a personal favorite of mine!!)

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