at the beach in a bodychain

we woke up this morning with no plans & when i opened my eyes and asked dekel “what are we doing today?” & his response was “going to the beach,” i immediatly smiled and  jumped made my way out of bed to get ready 🙂
katelin let me borrow this amazing nasty gal dress/ cover-up and i knew i wanted to pair it with a body chain that i got before our trip and i received sooo many compliments on this outfit! i think i might have to bust it out again this weekend in tel aviv. we went to the “students beach” in haifa, and NO ONE was there! given it was the middle of the week, but it was just really was nice to have this beautiful beach all to ourselves. we swam in the warm water, rode the waves, layed out & played matkot, one of my favorite beach/ water-front activities.
after a few hours at the beach, we went to eat schwarma and then to shower and get ready to meet up with some friends in ramat yishay. i met my friend yarden for some iced caf’e (like a coffee slupree or a coffee frappucinno), while dekel met two of his friends for a beer at a place nearby. 
we are leaving tomorrow with dekel’s parents (& whole family) to tel aviv untill sunday. while there we plan to meet up with some more friends, go to the carmel market (shook ha’carmel), beach & dinner on saturday with dekel’s family.

i probably will not blog untill we return next week, as i will be without a computer, so thanks for reading & have a wonderful weekend! 

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