writing with the sniffles

home sick from work today with what feels like some sort of sinus infection. 
roughed up on sudafed & am about to perform a nasal irrigation on myself, super exciting things going on over here guys!
anyways, as i write this post, with the sniffles nonetheless, i am planning my birthday party coming up this sunday. i will be turning 29 and all i want to do is have a casual, fun party with my family and friends on the patio at my grandmother’s house. that patio is where so many of my birthday’s have been celebrated & i want to continue the tradition this year & throw a mexican bbq themed party. 
since trying out ten50 bbq here in richardson, (seen here on my instagram) i have been dreaming of having it again! their melt-in-your-mouth brisket with sweet, tangy sauce just can’t be beat and i knew that’s what i wanted for my birthday meal, so we will serve brisket, both moist & lean, chicken & sausage from there, we’ll round up some sides of fried okra and maybe corn on the cobb or something and have the mexican twist be the margarita’s that we will be serving right out of the margaritaville machines. 
below are just some inspiration photos i have pinned on my pintrest board & i hope to replicate some of these cute ideas into my party 🙂

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