the great texas tradition

you know it’s fall when the state fair of texas opens up!
we literally had the best weather over the weekend so we headed down to fair park with some friends, my sister & her bf to drink some beer and try some fried food 🙂
dek & i have been the last two years, but the first time we went we got there an hour before it closed, so everything was lame and it was the “end of the day” fried food, gross! & the second time we went we got rained out, like poured on, and had to head home after only being there for an hour! so, our texas state fair experiences recently have not been so pleasant, but this year was amaze.
mirelle & i at the state fair of texas
  selfie with big tex
it was pretty crowded, like a “where’s waldo?” moment..
 we tried the fried bluebonnet, a mix of cream cheese-filled blueberry muffin / scone mix, fried and topped with whipped cream, white chocolate morsels and blueberries. yum!
 group photo at the state fair 
have a great week, ya’ll!

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