pearl in your cup

hiiiiiiiiii, good morning! 
wanted to share some photos from a few mornings ago when dekel & i ventured up the street to pearl cup coffee
we love shady’s and sweet firefly, which are in the same shopping center, but we’ve never wondered into pearl & being a barista myself, i wanted to give it a try and see what they had to offer. they did not disappoint! super cute, friendly, neighborhood-y vibe and their menu includes almond milk (i’m sold!), home-style baked goods & a special ‘pearl latte,’ which has a secret ingredient (i think it’s vanilla bean ice cream, but i could be totally off). we enjoyed the warm sun during these morning hours and sat on their adorable patio with our pup, peanut, but there is also a good amount of seating indoors, plus their espresso machine is see-through, which i couldn’t stop staring at! (how did i not snap a picture of that?!)
anyways, have a fab day loves!
i’m off to work!

the pearl cup coffee sign
enjoying my ‘pearl latte’
 latte art
 peanut in the city at pearl cup
patio area

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