a doe, a deer

i haven’t really “dressed up” for halloween in a while (last seen here, for purim), so i thought i would go “crazy” this year and try some animalistic face paint 🙂 while some girls at work thought i was a tree or a cat, the look i was going for was “deer in the wild,” hence the twigs, ha! here is where i got my inspiration & i love how the look came out. maybe next year ill try this look or this one. dekel & i decided last minute to go out and practice photography in low-light settings and tgifridays had an enticing-looking patio with a fire pit and cushioned couches so that’s where we went! 
flash & a fast shutter speed used to capture a crisp photo
showcasing dekel’s one-sided makeup
  no flash used for this photo, but we adjusted our exposure to lighten it, since the lighting on the patio was very dim. the iso was also increased to allow for more light sensitivity.  
long shutter speed used to capture movement of the flames
we are off to a halloween party this evening, where dekel & i are a part of a group costume with my bestie and her hubby, so it’s going to be hilarious & i will post photos from that in a few days!

have a wonderful weekend! 

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