winter chill

i am pleased to report that i found a super cute and really cozy winter jacket 🙂
it did cost $60 total, but it’s already proving to be well worth it & i’m so happy with my purchase!
we headed to old navy because they were having a sale and while the decision was between either this gray jacket or a black waist-length pea coat, i love the longer length of this one and the toggle detail is what sealed the deal. my sister and i ended up getting the same coat just different colors, it’s just that cute! i sized up and got a medium, so it would layer well over shirts and sweaters and if you can’t tell from the photos below, i absolutly LOVE the large pockets, super convenient for your phone, keys, gloves, etc… i went with this gray color & mirelle got navy blue and of course we plan to exchange them with each other every few weeks, haha! #soulshoppers is the word we use to describe our shopping habits because even when we are apart, we often pick out and purchase the same items just in different colors or variations. mirelle also found i also found for mirelle these adorable black boots with blue zipper detailing in the back at burlington for only $30! she was on the hunt for a knee-length black boot & they were really perfect! (they remind me of these
on another note, sunday was kind of a funky day for me.
i guess you can say i woke up on the wrong side of the bed or whatever, but i was just in a bad mood and sort of really “moping around,” and even taking frustration out on dekel, which i have since apologized for, but still today i am feeling emotional and a little ‘out-of-whack.’ anyways, about to wash away all negativity with a warm shower since it’s approx. FREEZING 43 degrees over here! 
here’s to a productive and happy week!
thanks for reading!

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