home tour

dekel & i have really made this little apartment of ours feel like a home.
we have personalized it, added our touches of our own, cooked here, we’ve cleaned (luckily it only takes about 15 minutes max!) and we love our neighborhood. chillin here with the windows and patio door open is amazing & we love that we’re up on the 2nd floor so we have privacy from down below. also our whole place gets so much natural light, which creates such a bright & cheerful atmosphere.
here are photos of our home, if you would like to see:

colorful flowers from my mom in a weizen glass  on our bar
beautiful bar stools, found here.
 i wanted to create a designated place for our keys, sunglasses a random things we grab out the door or need to set down right when we walk in. (or to remind me to grab my phone on the way out; i’m always forgetting it!) i found this double-decker mail holder at genesis benefit thrift store and spray painted it with black chalk paint with the intention of changing up the sayings/ reminders every few weeks 🙂 we also needed to put up some hooks so when we drop off our coats/my purse it doesn’t end up on the couch or bar stools. we found these at ikea and they keep our coats hidden behind the front door. perfect. if you are wondering what the brown little hanging sack is by my our keys in the photo below, it is fresh lavender & i’ve become obsessed with this scent & placing little sachets all around our apartment/ in my car, etc…
the kitchen area
as previously mentioned, i really wanted to keep things off the floor of our apartment as well as off the counters, clutter reduction was in full effect when we decided to find a way to hang our utensils and knives in the kitchen. these were also found at ikea, i love the end result & i LOVE that very little stuff “lives” on our counters.
we lined each cabinet with black lining for a more firm grip for dishes and mugs + it just looks nicer!
storing items in my dishwasher?
how sex & the city of me!
entrance to our bathroom with a positive mantra; this sign was found at an estate sale for .50 cents! i spray painted it with black chalkboard paint & love the result. i think i love chalkboard home decor. 
you can call me obsessed. 
simple shower curtain, $7
 amazing wooden towel rack with hooks that we scored here, $8
now, my closet is still a work in progress, as i own waaayyy too many accessories and clothing items and really need to do a full closet clean-out, like this one, before summer rolls around. but in my opinion, i found some creative ways to utilize this one small closet that we share. i took over the left side and hung my jewelry & accessories all over the place. my thought is “if you don’t see it, you wont wear it” – so of course i needed to make it visually appealing. 
necklaces + lavender

 i hang extra purses on the back of the closet door & belts hangout next to our super cute laundry bag (from here!) with my craft supplies stacked neatly behind them. 

 shoe rack found here.
the living area
view from the patio
our dining area;

coffee bean sack found at lulu b’s, gifted from my sister as a ‘housewarming’ 

our bed & bedside tables floating shelves 
(i have found that keeping items off the ground is key when working with little space)

this is a little corner of our living room behind the couch, where we added some more floating shelves to create a stacked effect. (& again to keep things off the floor!) i wanted to showcase some cute bronze camels from a market in jerusalem, a photo of me & dekel on our wedding day which always overwhelms me with emotion when i look at it & a photo of my mom, grandmother & grandfather bathing me, in awe of me. one of my favorite photos of all time because it’s like now the tables have turned and i am in awe of them. a style book by lauren conrad also resides on these floating shelves for outfit inspiration or shopping guidance, when needed.

this game lives on our coffee table! have you tried it? 
it’s so vulgar, so fitting for my family- ha!

last but not least, is our beloved patio area. dek & i love sitting outside talking, so it was a necessity that we at least have a small space to put two chairs. 
our view is of railroad tracks which i have already been drawn to

walking path beneath our patio

hope you enjoyed this home tour 🙂
for home decor and organization accessories, i would highly recommend popping into ikea, at homeworld market. these places seriously have some amazing things going on right now.

thanks for reading!


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