vegas for a hot minute


spent 24 hours in vegas this past weekend and it felt like a whirlwind of 4 days. it’s crazy how you can lose your sense of time in the dark, smokey casinos and just being in that city, it’s like time doesn’t matter. i went with my mom, sister, best friend, her mom, her sister & aunt – we’re all like one giant, extended family so it was a really fun group.

we stayed at the excaliber & they stayed at the paris, so we would just walk or uber back and forth between the hotels. the highlight of the trip was kendra wilkinson’s show ‘sex tips for straight women from a gay man‘ – it was hysterical & we laughed our asses off! molly & i have been best friends since 8th grade, spending 1 year of our friendship without separating for even a night. we’re definitely soul sisters & i’m thankful everyday for having made the everlasting bond we did back in middle school that’s carried through for so many years. even while i lived abroad, her & sammy came to visit us in israel. so, when she said she was going with the girls in her family to vegas for her birthday, it wasn’t hard to convince me and then my mom & sister to get on that bandwagon and i’m so glad we went, it was such a fun girls trip!

on our last few hours on the las vegas strip my mom, sister & i shopped around and picked out a few pieces to bring back that we couldn’t pass up. i brought home these jeans, heels and this sweater…all for under $75 from marshalls. this tank top cost about $5 and was from my travels in angkor wat, cambodia when dekel & i were making our way through asia on our way to live in dallas 4 years ago. even though it’s 80 degrees outside, it felt like 60 in our office today and i loved being wrapped up in this cozy sweater/blanket.


cheers to molly’s birthday & my vegas crew #TheJonitasAndJeanTheMachine



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