black friday buys

i wasn’t really planning on #BlackFriday shopping this year but after eating such a heavy lunch on thanksgiving and seeing how bad the cowboys were playing, going to poke around with my mom & sister and moving my legs didn’t sound like a bad idea. so would you call that #BlackThursday shopping? i was worried the stores would be insane and the lines would be ridiculous but it wasn’t even crowded. it was actually quite the opposite & in some cases we had full dressing rooms to ourselves. we only waited in line at one store too and it was for 5-10 minutes so not bad at all!

to start with, we went to jc penny’s. i had nothing specific in mind to buy from there, but stumbled upon these jeggings amongst other things. they’re arizona brand with 4% spanx so they fit like a glove and have the perfect amount of stretchiness. they don’t feel stiff or like they’re going to fall down in the back or get loose after a few hours, which i hate. this is not a bragging moment, but since I lost some weight (~20 pounds since may) i’ve had to re-evaluate my closet and figure out my sizing all over again. this was the first time in a long time i’ve bought a pair of jeans in a size 7. i know size is just a number and i vary from store-to-store myself, but i’ve always struggled with my weight and ever since i did the keto diet and majorly cut carbs, i’ve kept the weight off and started to fit in smaller clothes and it made me “eek!” inside when i took a 7, a 9 and an 11 into the dressing room and walked out with the 7. all smiles over here.

next up, kohl’s had $9.99 sweaters as doorbuster deals and this jewel-toned beauty in a polyester chenille blend is one of the things i scored from there. it’s the softest thing i’ve ever put on my body. if you own anything in this material, you know what i’m talking about! i was tempted to wear nothing underneath…or maybe i didn’t, you’ll never know, ha!

last, but not least are these super cute and comfortable booties from target which are under $20 from the clearance rack in-stores. the tan color is so versatile and the heel height was just what i was looking for – a great bootie to wear to work!

another full outfit of #BlackFriday buys coming up tomorrow, be sure to check back!!

JC Penny jeggings, Target booties, Kohls sweater, black friday deals

jeggings- jc penny, sweater- kohl’s, booties- target

Kohls sweater, black friday deals

JC Penny jeggings, Target booties, Kohls sweater, black friday deals

Target booties

reindeer antlers headband from Target

jeggings that make your ass look good


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