family holiday experience- part two

in my last post, you read about our family holiday experience that i planned…next up was mirelle’s turn.

she planned for us to DIY string art!! she gathered the supplies like the wood pallets that were already sanded and came with a wall hook from target, the nails from home depot and the string from hobby lobby. she ended up telling us what it was going to be because she needed to know what designs to print for us and what color string we wanted to use. the day before we were going to do the activity i stained my wood, since i’ll want to incorporate it into my “to-be-built” gallery wall (hopefully getting that done in the next few weeks!) and the dark stain would match the other woods in my house better than the original light wood. we gathered around my 8-foot dining table and got our craft on. the project was so fun, a lot louder than any of us anticipated, but a fun activity to do altogether. you take a print-out of a design you want to mimic and lay that design on top of the wood and hammer the thin nails directly on it (or you can just use it as a guide) and then you just remove the paper and use the colored string to bring your design to life. it was kind of tricky getting the nails to line up perfectly (i.e. the top of texas), but i would totally do this again now that i have the hang of it! the whole thing took us about an hour and we had lots of laughs and mess-ups along the way, but i think we “nailed it.” 🙂

DIY crafting string art project

DIY crafting string art project

string art project

string art project

dekel took a different approach and used a staple gun!

DIY crafting string art project

dek’s finished product: beer glass 

beer string art project

my finished product: texas with a heart in it

texas DIY string art project

next family holiday experience “hosted” by dekel coming up soon!


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