home décor haul

below are some amazing #AtHomeFinds i scored from a sample sale last week. all of this was only $30!!!

home decor haul from at home stores

i work on the marketing team for a home décor retailer called at home & one maaaajjjjjor perk of working at their corporate office, besides being off on holidays like today :), is that every few months there is this thing called a “sample sale.” a sample sale is the company’s way of getting rid of the 1000’s of products that flow through that the buyer’s don’t need anymore. they are all samples and not final production units, so there could always be something minor “wrong” with the item or they just didn’t end up purchasing this item. it’s also an opportunity for our company to give back because all of the proceeds go to a charity called sunshine spaces, which is rad.

how it works is each department is allocated 30 minutes to shop and anything/everything you can fit in a giant shopping bag you can take home for $5. there’s no limit on how many bags you can buy and if something doesn’t fit in a bag they usually just charge $5 or $10 for it. i try to be strategic & think ahead to only get things i really “need” or know in advance i want to replace in my home, but once you get in there (our downstairs cafeteria, lol), you just start gobbling up everything in sight! i also always collect a few giftables to give through the year, like notepads, vases, jewelry plates, kitschy wall art, etc.

i’ve rearranged the décor in my home a bit to fit in some new pieces, which i would love to share with you guys. peanut and kaizer couldn’t help but get in the photoshoot, scroll on to see!

bohemian home decor lot at home stores

stacked wooden and metal bohemian home decor trays with fairy lights

hohemian home decor at home stores

decorative book boxes home decor at home stores

candle holder with cute giftable ring holder trays home decor at home stores

gold bohemian lantern home decor

home decor pillows and textiles

i put the pom pom basket next to peanut’s bed in the living room to hold his blanket & dog toys – here is a similar style basket

bohemian basket with pom poms and peanut in the city dachshund

we hung this textured wall décor near our dining table, behind my palm – similar style here

hanging bohemian wall décor with accent palm tree

the fairy lights are now stationed at the coffee table tray

coffee table decor with fairy lights

if you know me, you know my love for lanterns is unmatched, i couldn’t not get this one. found a cute spot for it on our entryway, drop-all table so you see it right when you walk in the front door. i put the gold brushed pinecones in it for now but might get more fairy lights and add them inside the lantern.

entryway table with bohemian lantern

peanut lays on pretty much every pillow on our sofas, so over time they get a little flat & dirty-looking. i love refreshing my living room with just 2-3 new toss pillows.

fluffy gray and bohemian style toss pillows

bohemian style home decor pillow textiles at home stores

i put a few leftover-from-hannukah candles in my new centerpiece & gave it a home on my dining table

candle holder centerpiece home decor



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