6 days in south beach miami

a few weeks ago dek & i went to sunny south beach miami to escape the cold, rainy wave that hit dallas. we wanted a quick getaway that was close by (it was 2.5 hour flight) & where we could just relax and explore a new city. we love traveling together and this trip was no exception, we had so much fun & below i’ll share our whereabouts and findings along with a video we made!

leaving dallas from love field airport to go to south beach miami

day 1

– we checked into our airbnb– it was nestled in a residential street on jefferson ave. & 4th street just a stone’s throw from all the action and the beaches. everything was within walking distance & we loved the bohemian vibe of this place. we looovvve airbnb & use them everytime we travel!

bohemian bedroom south beach airbnb
bohemian style living room airbnb south beach miami
kitchen airbnb south beach miami

*pics from airbnb website

 – we walked around to find lunch and discovered the cutest little walk-up sandwich bar called la sandwicherie

lunch at la sandwicherie south beach miami

lunch at la sandwicherie south beach miami

 – headed to the beach to listen to the waves & catch the sunset

by the beach south beach miami

 – dinner at news cafe, a cute outdoor patio with string lights on ocean dr. i got a mediterranean salad with feta, kalamata olives, pickles and tabouleh with a side of fried cheese sticks (i couldn’t decide between the two things so i got both!) & dek got a burger and sweet potato fries

Mediterranean salad dinner at news cafe south beach miami

– after dinner we walked around & discovered this cute alleyway called “espanola way” that was very lively with music playing. we had just eaten so we didn’t stop, but i loved the vibe of this area, it was so cute with outdoor chandeliers & string lights (i’m a sucker for string lights!)

espanola way south beach miami

 day 2

 – headed straight to the beach where we saw the prettiest water with so many shades of blue

at the beach in south beach miami

 – beach essentials: murder mystery book, towel, water, sunscreen & combos!

beach essentials south beach miami

(it was def not saturday, but i love this hat & was needing to shield my eyebrows from the sun since i just had this treatment done)

working on my tan in south beach miami

peace sign at south beach in miami

– after spending hours at the beach we went to our airbnb to rest/nap and then headed to dinner at pizza rustica (dek representin’ our fav dallas pizza place greenville avenue pizza company 🙂 )

dinner at pizza rustica south beach miami

#ootn south beach miami

 – we walked around after dinner popping in & out of souvenir shops, boutiques and shopping at h&m i really worked up a second appetite we stopped for a late-night snack at this place called spitfire. we got a schwarma to share. schwarma is a mix of meats (lamb, turkey, beef) shaved off a large spinning skewer and stuffed into a pita with tons of toppings like cucumber, tomato, pickled carrot, hummus, etc. i miss israeli schwarma sooooo bad but this came really close to being like the real thing!

schwarma at spitfire south beach miami

– after that we found our way back to ocean dr. for pinkberry frozen yogurtpinkberry south beach miami

me and dek on ocean dr in south beach miami

day 3

– another day, another beach. this time we took an uber to north shore open park for a change of scenery. it was just as beautiful as the beach by where we were staying but had significantly fewer buildings & people

north shore open park miami beach

north shore open park miami beach florida

(saturday hat making an appearance mid-week again)

saturday target hat south beach miami

beach bum at north shore open park miami beach

 – after being beach bums for a few hours, we ubered it back to south beach area & got ourselves an ice cream before heading to our airbnb to shower, rest, change and then head back out for dinner

ice cream in south beach miami– we walked to dinner at 11st street diner & sat on the patio where i had a BLT with a side of mac and cheese & dek had a burger and fries

heading to dinner in south beach miami
walking to dinner in south beach miami

day 4

– by this day you could probably guess that we started off by going to the beach (ha!) we went really early because dek wanted to take sunrise drone photography & footage for our video and we stopped to take a few photos along the way at some colorful not-in-use-anymore lifeguard stands

heading to the beach south beach miami

south beach at sunrise

colorful lifeguard stands south beach miami

colorful lifeguard stands south beach miami

palm tree south beach miami(taken with dekel’s drone: mavic pro)drone photography south beach miami

south beach miami view from the sky with drone photography

at the beach south beach miami

 – after playing around with the drone at the beach and working on our tans, we got cleaned up & headed to lunch at jalepeno kitchen on ocean dr. where we had a really overpriced mexican food meal. the food wasn’t bad, but we didn’t realize how expensive it was until we had already ordered….a small bowl of guacamole was $15!!!! crazy. i had nachos and a pina colada & dekel had fajitas and a margarita that he didn’t even drink because he said it was too sweet and watered down, womp womp. you win some, you lose some.

walking to dinner in south beach miami

pina colade jalepeno mexican kitchen south beach

 – with full bellies we headed to our airbnb to shower and relax. i read some of my book & then we watched netflix before going out for more food. we found a place really close to us called pura vida and split a caesar salad & lentil soup because we were still kinda full from lunch

dinner at pura vida juice bar south beach miami

dinner at pura vida south beach miami

day 5

 – enjoyed the beach as this was our last full day we wanted to soak it up

walking into the ocean with dekel south beach miami

 – after beachin’ it (i really didn’t want to leave!) we went to wash the sand off our bodies and head to an early dinner at yard house on lincoln ave. which is this really cool outdoor walking/shopping/restaurant strip that’s blocked off from traffic and runs the whole length of the island. after dinner we went to the movies to see red sparrow which was really good (gory, but good)ootn in south beach miami

– from yard house, i ordered a fresh cobb salad that was divine. i’ve been meaning to recreate at home, it was so simple & yummy!

cobb salad at yard house on lincoln avenue in south beach miami

lincoln avenue south beach miami

– to wrap up the evening we walked around on lincoln avenue & got gelato (i got lemon & strawberry sorbet!) and then walked back to our airbnb which was like a 30 min walk, but it was so fun to walk & talk and people watch along the way! we needed to pack since sadly we were leaving the next morninggelato on lincoln avenue south beach miami

day 6

 – we slept in as much as we could and then went out for breakfast at big pink breakfast at big pink south beach miami

last day in south beach miami

 & that’s it 🙂

we had a blast & would recommend south beach and especially our airbnb if you’re in the area.

hope you liked this post & have a great week!


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