boho dress for a blogger meet up

this past weekend i went to my first ever blogger meetup here in dallas, hosted by rhonda jenkins of the skinny arm. since the name of my blog is “bohemian by nature” i chose to wear this beautiful boho maxi dress i found at the dallas boho market a few weekends back, it’s from a shop called drifters vintage and i couldn’t believe the beauty when i laid my eyes on it. i tried it on over my clothes and it fit perfectly, it’s kind of sheer so i wore a bralette & shorts underneath and it was the perfect outfit for the 75-degree weather we had on saturday.

vintage colorful boho dress

i was so nervous to go as i get anxious about meeting new people & stepping out of my comfort zone (i’m always worried i won’t have anything to say or that i’ll just be awkward), but my sister mirelle came with me and i am SO GLAD we went because rhonda was so sweet and the other bloggers were just as nice, super inspirational & great sources of information.

vintage boho colorful dress

after meeting at magnolias on harwood in uptown, we got our coffees to-go and headed up to a garden oasis called “marie gabrielle restaurant and gardens” – no one was there so we pulled some tables together under the string lights & were able to get to know each other better. we went around the table reintroducing ourselves and gave “our story,” what our blog is about, what we do and what we hope to accomplish with our blogs and social media. it was truly inspiring to hear from the other girls, some had a few hundred followers (like me) and some had a few thousand, some worked with brands and some hadn’t. i had such a great time and would love to go to another #dallasbloggerbrunch soon. if you don’t already, follow rhonda and subscribe to her newsletter as she’s always hosting fun events around town that you won’t want to miss out on!

colorful vintage boho maxi dress

colorful vintage boho maxi dress

sweet treats from @chellesmacarons

chelles macaroons sweet treat dallas

the lovely ladies from the blogger meetup!

girls from dallas blogger meetup


magnolias coffee on harwood in a colorful vintage boho maxi dress

moody lighting in magnolias coffee dallas on harwood

coffee at magnolias dallas on harwood

coffee at magnolias dallas on harwood

the world is yours magnolias coffee dallas

of course, mirelle & i wore the same sandals, ha! we usually buy 1 of everything and share it, but these were $10 at a random shop in vegas and we knew we would both want a pair & now we find ourselves wearing them to the same outings most of the time #twinktwins

twin sandals at magnolias coffee dallas

reflection at magnolias coffee dallas on harwood

sister pic-  thanks for capturing @rhonda

magnolias coffee dallas on harwood

#selfie with my sister/best friend

sister pic magnolias coffee dallas

have you ever been to magnolias?

the lighting & vibe inside was moody, but hip and there’s indoor/outdoor seating – i would definitely go back!


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