bohemian dream baby shower

baby boy & i had a shower this weekend with friends and family and i was completely overwhelmed by all of the love and the amount of detail put into making it so beautiful and perfect. it was seriously the bohemian baby shower of my dreams! i’m now 34 weeks preggers (for previous posts about my #bumpdates click here) and it was the perfect time to have this shower. i have a pretty significant baby belly but am not to the point where i am too uncomfortable to walk or anything, so the timing was on point. a few months ago my sister/best friends/tribe asked me what vibe i wanted & what some of my favorite things were to eat, etc. & they just took it from there! i told them i wanted to keep it simple and slightly bohemian, not overly “babyish” & they went above & beyond! the invitations were perfection, simple with a touch of greenery…down to the handwritten mailing addresses (dekel thought it was spam when it came in the mail because my friend marli’s handwriting is so pretty he thought it was a stamp!!!) the shower itself was at my friend katelin’s house & from the moment i walked in i was blown away! there was garland hanging from doorways, beautiful balloons, blue hydrangeas, take-home succulent shower gifts for all of the guests, a buffet spread that made my mouth water with all of my cravings & favorite foods, endless grapefruit juice, chilled topo chico, a mantle that boasted handmade decorated wooden letters by my friend chelsey and all of my favorite people under one roof. my mom also brought my baby book so we could flip through and reminisce. we ate and then took a quiz on how well everyone knew me & my pregnancy, which was really fun! it was a dream baby shower & such a special day, i’m so thankful to have so many people who love me and my family & who are excited to meet baby boy soon!

here are some photos we took throughout the day:

baby shower hostess photo

<dress- pinkblush>

baby shower food buffet table

baby shower charcuterie board

baby shower mantle decor

baby shower food buffet table

baby shower katelin

baby shower chicken minis platter

baby shower donuts and cheesecake

baby shower decor

baby shower cheesecake

baby shower cindis bagels

baby shower sarah

baby shower chicken minis and sweets

baby shower donut skewers

baby shower chelsey

baby shower momosa bar

baby shower molly

baby shower topo chico

baby shower lauren

baby shower baby iftach

baby shower mantle decor and gifts

baby shower grandmother

baby shower watch me grow succulent gift

baby shower mirelle

baby shower playing games

baby shower my 3 moms

baby shower 34 week baby bump

baby shower oh boy balloons

baby shower molly

baby shower invitation


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