the labors of labor day weekend

bohemian vibes white buffalo exchange dress ida claire brunch

it’s my birthday month and officially marks the 1-month-countdown of baby boy’s arrival- woooo hoooooo!!!!! i’m 36-weeks pregnant and technically he could come any day now, but my official due date is 10/1….i’m so anxious, the anticipation is killing me!

this labor day weekend has already been so fun & productive and we still have another left, yaaaass! dek took off early on friday & i’m lucky enough to still have summer hours at work, so i got modern market and brought it home for us to eat lunch together. then i napped (ha!), while he built shutters. we had these old, black, plastic ones before and one of them kept falling off so we decided to just make new ones from wood and stain them ourselves. this particular task has been on our to-do list for months so it was extremely satisfying to cross it off & get it done. dek bought the wood, built & sanded them friday afternoon & then on saturday, after walking the dogs to the park and wearing them out, i stained them with kona, which is a dark brown color that we have been using consistently throughout most of our home projects. like our fence, pantry barn doors, kitchen/bathroom floating shelves and now the shutters. cohesiveness throughout our home makes me so happy! we hung them today after brunching at ida claire, which has become a recent favorite of mine. we shared french pressed coffee, bacon-laced chicken & waffles and an egg white and goat cheese frittata, which was all tasty AF.

other tasks that we’ve accomplished around the house this weekend are a wall art piece i’ve been thinking about/working on for baby boy’s nursery. we knew we wanted to hang something on the wall above his crib but kept flip-flopping on what. i couldn’t find the perfect one so decided to make it myself. it took some time to even come up with the idea, get the supplies, lay it out and then paint it/gold foil it step-by-step but i finally finished it and we hung it in his room yesterday. i’m thinking i’ll do a step-by-step post on this piece to share how i created it if anyone’s interested! anyways, it’s a quote from a song that’s meaningful to us…and also a hint at what his name will be – at least we’re 99.9% sure! scroll down for a photo. dek also put in sprinklers in our front yard, yes – he did this himself! i was skeptical of how he was going to accomplish this on his own, but he’s so handy, determined, patient and not intimidated of hard work that he youtubed it and got it done. we don’t have a functioning sprinkler system so in order to water our lawn he was having to go out and attach the hose to a single sprinkler twice a week and he wanted to implement an automated mechanism so we can just have nice green grass and not have to waste time dealing with it. well…after some intense labor of digging a trench and adjusting the sprinkler heads, he did it! now…he just needs to figure out the backyard! tomorrow is most def going to be a chill day, we will probably take grandmother out to breakfast and the find a pool to dip into and lay out by. loving this labor day weekend!

bohemian vibes white buffalo exchange dress ida claire brunch

bohemian vibes white buffalo exchange dress ida claire brunch

bohemian vibes white buffalo exchange dress ida claire brunch

baby boy nursery wall art coldplay atlas

hope you’re having a great, long weekend- thanks for reading!


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