33 things on my 33rd birthday

it’s my birthday weekend!- woo hoo! i turned 33 on friday, 9/28, and while i didn’t feel like celebrating myself at first since i’m so pregnant, i really forgot how amazing birthdays can be. i was showered with positivity and felt so loved – it was a really special day. i did this post last year & wanted to do something similar this year just for fun. below are random things about me so you can get to know me just a little bit better if you care to read. have a great rest of the weekend!

velvet dress birthday weekend 40 weeks pregnant

1. I met my husband, Dekel, in Israel where he is from and I was living while studying Hebrew post-college. I was delaying “the real world” and finding a job so I moved abroad with my sister to get to know our Israeli family better & learn Hebrew fluently, which I succeeded in…and bonus, met an amazing guy!

2. One of my biggest passions is photography. I am far from “professional” and tend to think of really good photographers as light manipulators & badass editors, but I love playing around with my camera, learning it’s settings and seeing the world through my lenses.

3. If it’s not obvious from all of the baby bump posts (ha!) we are expecting our first baby on Monday, 10/1…well, that’s his official “due date” at least. It’s a boy (see our gender reveal here) and this pregnancy journey has been such an exciting, scary, emotional time in my life. I’m glad we waiting until we did to have a baby (married almost 7 years and have traveled a lot of the world together) and I tell Dekel all the time that I’m so thankful to have him through this whole experience, as it tests your everything. Your sanity, your patience, your relationship, your spirit.

4. I like to think I’m creative and semi-good at artistic things like abstract painting on canvas, making jewelry and home decorating.

5. Breakfast/Brunch is my favorite meal of the day, I love finding new-to-me spots here in Dallas. Actually back in March my mom & I started meeting every Friday before work to have breakfast just the two of us. We take turns picking out the place & paying and it’s been one of my favorite traditions yet!

6. I’m not a hoarder so-to-speak, but if you peek in my closets at home, you will find extra unnecessary home décor (lanterns, candle holders, vases & toss pillows) …just in the case that I want to mix things up around the house.

7. My hair is one of my best features, since 6th grade I’ve been told I should be a hair model, asked if it’s real, who cuts/colors it (my bestie, Katelin- btw!) and how I style it and I beam every time it gets complimented.

velvet dress birthday weekend 40 weeks pregnant

8. Cuddling is my favorite. I’ve always loved sleeping with Dekel & snuggling up to him – we both love being intertwined.

9. I used to play girls golf in high school & was actually not that bad at it. Haven’t picked up a club in years, but it’s like riding a bike, right?!

10. I’ve seen every single episode of Sex & The City (and both movies) multiple times – my sister and I bought all of the DVD’s before moving to Israel and watched all of them together after our Hebrew classes in the evenings.

11. Crisp linen or fresh cotton are my favorite candle scents.

12. It gives me anxiety to be late to things like a flight, an appointment, a lunch date, etc.

13. I met a great group of girls in high school & am still best friends with them. I’m lucky & thankful to have so many wonderful women in my “tribe.”

14. I like to shop so much that I have a shopping budget allocated toward this expense each month so that I won’t feel guilty about spending money on clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. – I love refreshing my wardrobe so my closet is in a constant rotation.

15. Water is my least favorite thing to drink. I always have to force myself to hydrate and usually end up adding some sort of flavor to my water bottles, like watermelon or pink lemonade or opting for topo chico.

velvet dress birthday weekend 40 weeks pregnant

16. I’ve become a snorer in the late stages of this pregnancy. I also wear a night-guard because I grind my teeth at night and wake my husband up with the loud noise it makes.

17. I don’t really have a favorite flower or color, it all depends on my mood or the season.

18. I pretty much always back up into parking spots, it’s like my specialty and just something I got used to while living in Israel. Oh! and I always use a parking brake.

19. I like salt on my chocolate chip cookies.

20. I despise chunks in my yogurt (it makes me gag) but coconut is the only exception. Give me all of the coconut pieces. In fact, coconut everything…except water.

21. I sometimes make up words using Hebrew & English and Dek loves it.

22. I chose to get married on Valentines Day so I would never forget the date because I have a bad memory when it comes to dates for certain things.

23. I have a very bohemian style, in nature, clothing and home decor but with a modern twist…or so I like to think.

velvet dress birthday weekend 40 weeks pregnant

24. My husband calls me the “salad champion” because I make killer salads.

25. Coldplay & No Doubt/Gwen Stefani are some of my favorite artists, but I really like all types of music.

26. I prefer crushed ice over cubed.

27. While I like to indulge on kid cereals sometimes (Lucky Charms & Cinnamon Toast Crunch, especially!), my all-time favorite cereal that I always have in stock at home is Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds.

28. Some of my favorite symbols are the evil eye protector (nazar) & the hamsa.

29. I love seeing green plants throughout my home, it adds life and freshness.

30. I’m very friendly and like to think of myself and a generally “nice” person but I also feel super socially akward in situations where I don’t know anyone, I’m really bad at small talk and knowing what to ask/say to keep conversations going. Def need to work on that!

31. I would take thin-crust pizza over deep dish and my toppings of choice are feta cheese & green olives.

32. I’m not that big of a red or white wine drinker, but rosé all day I can agree with.

33. Beach > mountains.


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