escape game & fireside pies

happy new year, everyone! i hope you have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2019 and you achieve all of the aspirations you have. “you can do what you set your mind to” is the mindset i am going into the new year with. i’m also repeating to myself the mantra “happiness is not a goal, but a way of life.” i think practicing a grateful & positive outlook is important so i’m going to make more of an effort to be this way. i’ve truly had the best past 2 long weekends with dek & family , i’m going to remember the holiday season of 2018 so vividly since i had baby A with me, it was so special. it’s a bittersweet time changing years & changing chapters in our lives, it’s like on one hand i love our life and everything’s SO good right now, but it’s amazing to know it’s just going to get even better. i’m looking forward to the new year & am excited for our future. i forsee a future of travel, taking life a little slower, being more in the moment & continuing to work at our beautiful marriage and be grateful every single day!

this past weekend my brother, ben, was in town from new york visiting & to end our season of family holiday experiences, my mom took us to do an escape room. (you can find our other experiences from this season here, here & here)

we have done escape room games together a few times before, but this one was different and way cooler than others. they have a few rooms you can do, but ours was called “the heist” and it was all about us trying to locate a hidden artwork masterpiece that had been stolen. we had baby atlas with us and he was napping in his car seat (we were watching him) & then 2 minutes into it he woke up and wanted to be held so i wore him and helped as much as i could while trying to soothe the babe. we alllmooosstt escaped, we were so close! we all walked out of there saying how we need to do it more often, it was so much fun! after the hour-long game we all had to use the bathroom, wanted to wash our hands (you’re touching so many things in those rooms, i’m sure its SO germy) and change the baby so we walked down to the grapevine mills mall food court area. atlas was also getting hungry so i decided to feed him…in public. i’ve been self-conscious about breastfeeding in public and i’m trying to shake it because it’s like not a big deal at all. i just feel awkward whipping my boobs out in front of people but fuck it, they don’t have to look. #dropthecover

it helped that my fam was there hang out with me while he ate for ~20 minutes, breastfeeding can feel isolating sometimes. now that he’s older though it takes much less time for him to eat, which is awesome. so after a quickish feeding sesh we headed to lunch at fireside pies, which is a cute restaurant serving pizza made in wood-fired ovens. we cheers‘ed with beer & split the baked goat cheese and italian salad as appetizers and ordered 2 pizzas to share for the table because mirelle also ordered pasta. we got the ‘hot n’ crumbled’ & the ‘burrata pesto pie’ and they were delicious! we most def had dessert too, it was their warm cocoa brownie which we devoured in under 2 minutes. it was such a fun-filled, good food kinda day.

peace out 2018 & may the next year be one of your best yet! sending out all the positive vibes.


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