baby atlas 3 month update

my baby boy is growin’ up! he is now 3.5 months, if you want to see him at 2 weeks old here is his newborn photoshoot. a kind friend captured these images of baby atlas when he was just 2 months old & while he looks the same now, he also looks so different, ha! he just seems so much bigger, more developed and overall alert.

i love this first image with a sliver of the christmas tree next to us because this will always go down as one of the most magical holiday seasons in my life. with a new baby, having quit my job and just being able to work on myself and be a mom and wife, i’m going into 2019 with such a grateful, positive attitude and mindset, or at least it’s something i’m working on daily!

at the stage atlas is in now, he is becoming more consistent with his napping schedule throughout the day, is awake for longer, feedings have become shorter (even though i just suffered a clogged duct in one breast recently- oouuchh!), and he locks eyes with us #swoon & he loves attention.

he grabs onto us a lot of the time. he holds dads finger when he’s wearing him and he will grab onto my clothing when i’m changing him. and he grabs onto my hair WHILE breastfeeding…omg.

i loved the newborn phase & miss parts of it, right now is a really fun stage where i just enjoy talking to him when he’s up and hanging out with him until he shows me he’s tired. we balance daily routines and striving for sooommee consistency with trying new things and going new places each week. i’ve also enrolled us in a ‘bathtime with babies’ class and we go once a week to be in a body of water together & bond. we love walking to the park, getting fresh air (thank goodness for such a mild winter here in dallas) & today we even did tummy time at the park on a blanket while i threw the frisbee for kaiser and the ball for peanut. these are the days, man.

thanks for reading my baby update!


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