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so in my last post i wrote about a few tips for if you plan to go on a day trip to canton, texas to shop the first monday trade days outdoor market & today i’d like to share what came home with me from our trip! i spent quite a bit of money shopping, but i loved all the pieces & just had to have them. some were “splurgy” and some were shockingly low-priced. scroll on to see what i bought!

this stetson hat is probably my pride & joy from the entire shopping trip. if you know me, you know i love hats & i spotted this guy toward the end of our shopping day & without looking on the inside for a tag casually asked the lady how much she wanted for it. she said $15 so i picked it up and tried it on. i asked my mom & sister for their opinion & they thought the lady said $50 (which i didn’t know at the time) so they told me to put it back down. i looked at the brand inside the hat and saw it was a stetson, which is a reputable hat company founded in 1865 and i tried to keep my cool. i looked at the lady & smiled and asked if she would take $5 for it and she agreed “because she liked me.” i was so happy! my mom & sister thought i bargained her down from $50 to $5 and were so impressed but then they understood the original asking price of $15, ha! i just love the neutral color, shape and how well it fits on my head. (see me wearing it here) i wanted to see how much a similar hat would retail for and was floored! this one i found is very similar & retails for $231!

jewelry is always something i look for at markets, i love wearing pieces that came from cool places so i’m always on the hunt! this bolo tie-looking necklace was something my sister pointed out and we each got one. it probably came from china or something but it was so pretty and we got 2 for $7.

as we were wandering around i saw a white-ish stone ring from a vendor that i really liked but there was no price on it so i asked the seller & she insisted it was sterling silver (even though there was no stamp) and told me $40. i was not about to pay that for a questionable sterling silver ring so i kept moving & at a different booth a few steps away found this beauty for $10. it may not be sterling silver either but it’s not one i will wear all the time like my daintier rings, it’s more of a going out ring to wear on my pointer finger. i especially love that it’s kind of moody and depending on the light looks whiteish-blue.

this little world keychain HAD to come home with me…and at $1 – can’t beat that!

there was this “boutique alley” at canton separate from where the misc. treasures & antiques were and that’s where i found these chinese laundry booties. shoes were the last thing i was looking for, but i really have been in the market for a new pair of booties that will take me through spring & when i tried these on, i fell in love with them…plus they were 50% off so i paid $60. here they are on the chinese laundry website for $120 so i feel like it was a pretty good deal, they are great quality, comfortable and so, so cute!

from another boutique called very merry designs i found the next two items. i LOVED the tie-dye effect & asymmetrical hemline on this top (don’t mind the wrinkles!), it’s going to be perfect to wear with leggings…lightweight and SO pretty on.

from that same boutiquei mentioned above but a brand i already know & love called she + sky is this suuupppeer soft leopard print long cardigan. it’s the softest thing AND has pockets! while the weather here in dallas is already warming up, i’m sure i’ll find opportunities to wear this & since it’s such a neutral print i can see keeping it around for a long time, for many future cold seasons.

this really pretty pale green top i found at the umgee outlet (another boutique that was there) and basically, all of their clothing was $15. they had dresses, kimonos, vests, tops, etc. and this piece seemed effortless & fun for spring. it’s really long so i would belt it and wear it with tights and booties or sandals. i love the oversized, bohemian feel it has!

my mom pointed this kimono out to us while we were shopping at a boutique called tailgating gypsy, she knows what we love all too well because the second i tried it on i knew it was going home with me. it’s the prettiest jade-ish color with a beautiful floral print and fringe detail. i’ve already worn it here, belted of course, and got so many compliments on it.

that’s it!

these are the treasures i bought from our canton shopping trip. i hope you enjoyed taking a look at what i found & that i’ve inspired you to make it to canton some time, i will definetly be going back soon!


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