freshly picked diaper bag

towards the end of my pregnancy, i researched the hell out of diaper bags because i was clueless about what i needed one to hold/do for a new mom, but i just knew i needed one. i narrowed it down to the freshly picked and the fawn design because they both seemed really popular & had great reviews for different reasons. i saw both bags in person & held them before buying one but you never really know what will be most comfortable to you long-term until you are toting a baby around & need to carry a diaper bag/use one daily. i ended up going with the freshly picked bag & LOVE IT! i use it daily so can honestly say these are the top features that drew me in and make me love it even more as time goes on. in case you are on the fence about choosing one hopefully this information can help you!

1. a really pretty, simple, modern design with cute fringe zipper detail

2. it stands up on it’s own & has little metal feet on the bottom of the bag so it never really sits on the ground. structured but still flexible and not rigid

3. it has tons of inside/outside pockets (one is even insulated for milk/water bottle) & it comes with a changing station pad for when you’re out & about

4. easy, washable interior in case liquids spill or you need to wipe crumbs out/disinfect

5. comfortable, adjustable backpack straps

it holds a looottttt of stuff- i really love how spacious & structured it is! i plan to share my diaper bag essentials soon, stay tuned for that. & for other baby-related posts, browse here.


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