blondie in black

i chopped my hair off & went super duper blonde, you guys! shoutout to katelin for being patient & getting me there because it took many hours of work & a double process (meaning we did it friday and again on sunday to get it this blonde) but it was soooo worth it because blondie is back for spring! i also just got this dress in from pink blush & love how flowy it is, could be worn while preggers too because it’s so stretchy and forgiving but i wore it belted now that i’ve lost some of that baby weight, 20 pounds since january to be exact! i actually got my baby shower dress from pink blush (see it here) & it is SUCH a beautiful dress. they have tons of clothing options that will take you through your entire pregnancy and after, browse more dresses here.

besides the fact that this blunt shoulder-length haircut is fresh for spring i am also loving that baby atlas can’t pull on my hair as much, because it hurt soooo bad! i’m sure you other mommas can relate but his little fast fingers would get ahold of 1 strand at a time and rip them out and i was constantly fighting to release the death grip he would get on my hair, so it’s a nice change!

it was so windy when we took these photos i wanted to share the reality of the photoshoot, ha!

*this dress was gifted to me by pink blush


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