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can we just take a moment to celebrate that i am wearing something other than tights?! ha! no, but seriously, this is my first time wearing pre-pregnancy jeans that don’t have an elastic waist (while i DO love an elastic waist, there is something about jeans that zip & button to make you feel “put together,” amiright?) anyways, i was pretty stoked about it 🙂 hope you had a great weekend! we had a fun one & i wanted to share what we got into. friday night was super chill, dek got us fro-yo because going out anywhere with baby A past 5:30 can lead to meltdowns that we would just rather avoid & we spent time researching a jogging stroller because i want to start running jogging with baby A but don’t know which type will be best for us, currently leaning toward this one, but if you have any reco’s please leave them in the comments.

on saturday my mom and i went shopping for home decor at at home (where i used to work) because we had a 50% off coupon for “friends & family” so of course, i needed to get new couch pillows and bathmats, ha! dek & i ended up going back later that evening to get more stuff and then we saw a patio furniture set (this one to be exact) that we both liked so ended up spending more than we intended to but at half off we just couldn’t pass it up. it will be so worth it to have a nice patio area to lounge on & enjoy this spring/summer – i plan on showing you guys a before/after of our patio because i think it’s going to be such a cool transformation!

then on sunday we woke up & felt the urge to purge (#springcleaning) so we literally emptied every closet & got down crap from the attic to sift through and figure out what to sell/donate which felt SO good. i realized i hoard gift-wrapping supplies, anyone with me on this?! lol. after cleaning for a bit we went out to support my friends from savannah hoffman designs (i first wrote about them here) at a cute pop-up market hosted by the iman project, which was really cool! it was at a house on routh street in uptown, free to enter and you got a beer or sangria, photobooth opp (always a good idea!) AND they had a free flower arrangement table and a DIY tassel keychain booth, so so cute! i left with so many cute pieces from savannah hoffman designs, like this dress, this duster, this shirt & more (!) that i can’t wait to style & share with you guys. dek even took a little drone footage of the market – see below & let me know what you think! we’re still practicing and trying new ways to use it so while it’s a short video, it’s a start! after the market we went to the rustic for frozen margaritas on their patio which was really fun, dek even got a little sunburned since the sun finally came out for us. i had been wanting to try their lemon drop marg for a while now so was happy they still offered it – it was sooooo good. we split their family-style brunch which came with little samples of tons of stuff like spicy fried chicken, bacon, salad, cornbread, fruit, quiche, avocado toast, french toast, a donut, etc. it was such a fun afternoon & weekend overall.

can you spot me??

#babywearing FTW

my fun & funky (& funny as hell!) sister friends from savannah hoffman designs


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