baby atlas 6 month update

our little boy is getting so big & is now 6 months old! if you want to go back in time, here is our birth story & here is his 3-month update.

he’s healthy and, for the most part, happy…unless he’s cranky that is. we still call him fussbutt because any little thing can set him off & then he gets into a crying spell and can’t snap out of it. it’s happened at a birthday party, restaurants, in the car, swim class, on walks, etc. he doesn’t really like strangers up in his face and that’s usually peoples first reaction when you walk around with a baby is to come up & touch him and stuff and he seems to be overwhelmed and scared. we just stay calm & laugh it off, we love his little fussy booty more than anything! i wanted to share our current day-to-day schedule (obviously this varies but we try to maintain some consistency) and a bunch of photos from the last 2-ish months to always remember this time, as it’s a really fun age right now.

not having it at swim class

baby giggles on a walk. he validates that i’m funny, ha!

he loves happy baby pose & is always trying to suck his toes

this was a video i got when i was on a girl’s trip to vegas, dek was wearing baby A taking a walk down our street & out of NOWHERE he busted out with the saddest cry and then it took him like 45 minutes to snap out of it.

little peach fuzz head, we call him “chicky” because it’s as soft as a baby chick!

he makes the cutest faces and expressions & smiles so much now!

his face killed me the other day when he saw jenna & savannah from the today show dancing on tv, he was like amused and confused at the same time – it was SO cute!

atlas usually wakes up between 6:30 and 8, it really depends on when he goes to bed, but he will kind of start babbling to himself in his mini crib next to us (he sleeps in our room) until one of us gets him. we’ll open the blinds and tell him “good morning baby atlas!” & he’ll give the cutest smile…or be grumpy & hungry because he’s sleeping through the night now! it’s amazing. by “sleeping through the night” i mean we’ll put him to bed around 7:30ish and he won’t wake up to feed or anything until the next morning around 7ish. there are a few nights where we hear him tossing & turning and we’ll put his pacifier back in his mouth to soothe him, but he doesn’t wake completely up, it’s so nice to get long stretches of uninterrupted sleep again!

his plump, luscious little lips KILL meeee!!

and don’t get me started on his chunky thighs!

post-bath vibes

he’s almost as long as his changing pad!

the first thing we do when he gets up in the morning is a diaper change (if dek’s still home before leaving for work he will do it) and then i will feed him in bed. after eating, he will lay on the bed and “play” with some toys, like this cactus teether and a crinkle toy (similar here & here) while i swipe on some mascara and bronzer and get myself ready for the day. i have to keep an eye on him because he’s rolling around and scooting so if he gets too close to the edge of the bed i will just put him back in his mini crib and finish getting dressed. soon, i’m sure i will just need to put him in his little walker while i get ready because he could literally roll off the bed if i’m not watching! i always make the bed and make myself feel presentable, it REALLY helps me feel “put together” and not sluggish, which i think can be an easy slippery slope as a stay-at-home-mom.

the cutest morning stank face!

always putting EVERYTHING in his mouth! this little cactus teether toy is great because it has little bumps for added texture and he can hold it – he loves this thing!

or, ya know, the stroller straps

he always so happy in the morning & he’s making all sorts of screechs and noises now, it’s so fun to hear him find his voice and figure out how to use his tongue!

my baby love

once i’m done getting ready we’ll head into the living room and open all the blinds and he either does tummy time on this mat or sit in this walker while i make breakfast (i usually have coconut yogurt with some granola) and then i bring it over and sit on the floor to eat and have my coffee with him while we have the morning news on. when he is on the playmat i usually prop up this mirror and this musical toy for him to reach for and play with. he mostly just wants to put everything in his mouth but i try to set them out of reach so he will learn to crawl 🙂

sometimes he just isn’t that in to it, hahaa! he loves rolling over though & and is even trying to scoot.

pretty much exactly 1.5 – 2 hours after he wakes up he starts getting tired & is ready for his first nap of the day, i love that at least this is a consistent part of the day because i can count on this good morning nap to get something done, like blogging, painting my nails, cleaning the house, pumping, showering, etc. and this morning nap will last anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours if we are home and he is in his element! he’s usually in his best mood in the morning so if i do need to run errands i will do it during his morning nap time so he will *hopefully* snooze in the car seat while we are out, or right after he’s gotten up from that first morning nap. when he wakes up from nap #1 i feed him on the couch, we’re still using this pillow but i don’t really need it anymore since he’s so big & really only takes like 10 minutes to eat now, where it used to take 45!

after he eats, it’s time for walk #1. i’ll change him and we will get ready to either jog or walk to the park to get some fresh air and exercise a bit. no matter the weather (unless it’s raining) we have pretty much taken long walks every day since he was about 2 months old and i LOVE it. i also love taking the pups and wearing them out by playing frisbee or soccer and once they’re tired we walk back so i can make lunch.

peanut loves riding in the stroller basket & we get a LOT of attention strollin down the streets like this, everyone LOVES it!

watching ellen is another part of our day that we love, her show comes on at 3 so we’re usually back from our walk by then and i will feed him while watching or he’ll jump in his jolly jumper (which he looooooovvvveeess!) after the ellen show we either take another walk, make dinner, do house chores like laundry/dishes or hang out in the backyard. i try to have dinner ready and the house cleaned up when dek gets home at 5:30 so we can eat together and he can spend the most time he can with A. but also around 4:30 atlas starts getting fussy and not a whole lot helps. sometimes i will bathe him at this time (he gets a bath every other day) or strap him to me to do things, but he’s dropped that 3rd nap he was taking so i just think he’s fighting tiredness during this time. he enjoys being “worn” while i do things which i’m thankful for so i can have both hands, he loves facing outward to see the world and will just suck his paci while i get shit done.

we use the infantino baby carrier & we both love it! easy to put on and structured enough to hold him front-facing or face-out. i don’t ever want him to grow out of being able to be worn, it’s so nice to have him so close AND have your hands free! it’s like a built-in hug!

dek wearing baby A at a cute little event we went to- he even took this drone video while wearing him!

wearing baby A at dallas farmer’s market

kaiser is so cute with the baby, he’s so curious & will “nudge” him to play and give him kisses, but peanut could care less!

tummy time at the park

weekend snuggles

we usually start getting him ready for bed around 7 which is mainly just a diaper change & onesie if needed and then we go into our room for his last meal of the day with the hatch white noise machine going (we LOVE the sound of rain) & a humidifier on and then after about 10-15 minutes of him eating i put him in his ‘love to dream’ sleep sack with his arms free (we had to transition from a swaddle a few months ago because he is rolling over) and his wubbanub pacifier and dek & i take turns (one night me, one night him) rocking him to his “sleep songs,” which are radiohead “no suprises& coldplay “fly on” – in that order 🙂 usually after the first song, he is sleepy so sometimes i will just lay him on his back in his mini crib and let the coldplay song just play while i take my makeup off, shower, etc. and he will put himself to sleep. we also use this shusher (we had this one previously & it broke plus the one we have now seems to be better quality AND is cheaper! such a great invention!) he seems to really get that it’s time to go to sleep once that radiohead song starts playing- he instantly relaxes whereas before (a few months ago) we had no idea what routine to create and he would fight us to go to sleep and it was such a battle. it’s gotten sooooo much easier & better!.

we always put him on his back to sleep but now that he can roll over he LOVES sleeping on his side (like his momma!) and even on his belly with his little booty sticking up

sleepy face!

a curious look before swim class (& those toes!!!)

hangin’ out & bein’ cute on our picnic blanket

sometimes he’s sooooo mad when we go to restaurants (i attribute it to either overstimulation or just tiredness) but sometimes he’s super chill (like the pic below) – it’s hit or miss with this little man

baby smirk & naked feet

my heart melts when he naps on me, we don’t do it too often because he seems to prefer his own sleeping environment but when the moment is right and he’s sleepy and calm i’ll give him the pacifier and lay on the couch with him and it feels like time just stops. it’s the best feeling! sometimes he will caress my arm while he’s falling asleep, his little hands are always so busy.

he will caress my arm while falling asleep! it’s THE CUTEST!

asleep in my arms at an event we went to

asleep in my arms at a restaurant

my little man in his pants that he’s already outgrown, this was the day we got them & they were too long so we had to roll them up and now they’re high-water on him!

despite his skeptical face here, he sure does loooovvveee his aunt! he stares at her the most on car rides!

& he lovessss his grandma, she’s always walking him around, talking to him, it’s the sweetest! baby atlas actually gets to meet his saba + savta this week, dek’s parents are visiting from israel!

trying a breastmilk popsicle for the first time. i ordered these molds & poured ~.5 oz. into each mold and he loves holding it on his own and going to town on that frozen treat! i do think he got a brainfreeze for a sec because out of nowhere he started crying but then it subsided and he continued, his face was that of confusion and joy at the same time- haha!

different day, anotha’ breastmilk popsicle

baby atlas also got his first passport photo because we’re all going to cancun, mexico this summer! me, dek, atlas, my mom & sister. he will be 9 months & i can’t wait to see him in the sand and see him see the ocean.

to end things on a funny note, here is baby atlas trying lemon juice for the first time – he’s only ever had breastmilk and i had just sliced a lemon to sprinkle on avocado so i let him lick my finger with the juice on it and his expression was priceless! also, we had just gotten back from a 40-minute jog/walk where he cried 90% of the time, so it felt appropriate that sour,tart lemon juice would help kick his sour attitude. you can even see all the dried tears under his eyes.

thanks for reading! hope you enjoyed catching up with our life & routine – if you have any comments or questions about our schedule or my stay-at-home mom life, leave them below!!


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