boho beach family photo shoot

our recent trip to cancun, mexico was our first time traveling with baby atlas so while there, i really wanted to capture beautiful, bohemian-esque photos with my family on the beach. about a month before we left for our trip i researched cancun photographers looking for someone with a light & airy, natural-looking portfolio. i contacted a few people and ultimately chose to work with arturo.

his images have a bohemian vibe and seemed less posey, which is exactly what i wanted and he seemed like a cool guy overall & he really was awesome! (here’s his portraits portfolio) we emailed back and forth beforehand about logistics and i sent some inspiration images (from my pinterest board) for him to get an idea of what was in my head and he couldn’t have brought my vision to life any better!

we met bright & early at 6:15 am plaza forum the day after my family & i arrived in cancun. the weather was perfect and we were bright-eyed & bushy-tailed even though we were a little bit sleepy. it was a fun/funny experience because we were all dressed up, lookin’ great on the bus on the way there & then on the way back we were all sandy and sweaty, literal hot messes. baby atlas even fell asleep on me on the bus on the way back to the resort with his shirt off, it was the cutest! once we met up with arturo we walked just a few short steps to reach the beach right on time. the sun was just coming up and it was still cool…for about 30 minutes into it and then it got real hot real quick (like we were all drenched & dripping) and the sun was so bright we were blinded at the end, but the images arturo captured are so, so beautiful and i am thankful to have done the photo shoot. i would highly recommend him if you’re ever in cancun wanting to capture memories, he’s amazing!


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