thoughts on becoming a boy mom

i didn’t want to be a boy mom. i was hardly even sure i wanted to be a mom at all, but if i was going to be one i wanted to have a girl. i was so silly in thinking i wouldn’t be able to relate to him or know how to play with a boy or that i wouldn’t love him as much. i, for a sliver of a second, thought i wouldn’t be as happy with a boy as i would be with a girl and now that he’s here these thoughts i had when we looked down at the gender reveal statement reading “male” are almost incomprehensible because he’s so perfect in my eyes. no matter the gender. no matter what. i was so devastated in that moment but now i am so thankful that it was him this whole time and that he made me a boy mom.

he reminds me that it’s ok to get dirty and have life get a little messy. to let go of control because you can’t plan it all down to every last detail and even if you do it probably won’t go how you think it will. i love doing things with him and seeing the world through his curious little boy eyes. my heart flutters when he shows emotion and gets excited to see me. it’s like he’s choosing me back as his mom when he crawls over to my legs and reaches his arms out for me to pick him up. or when he lays his head on my shoulder to rest. or when he looks into my soul with his eyes and smiles, like he knows we’re on this journey together forever.

i wanted a little girl thinking we could replicate or strive to have the amazing relationship i have with my mom but have since realized that should be my goal regardless. i had this thought that the relationship between a mom and daughter is better than that of a mom and son. while the two are most likely very different, one shouldn’t necessarily be better than the other. it’s what you make it. i am choosing to make our relationship amazing, strong, healthy and full of curiosity and adventure.

what are some things you love about being a boy mom? a girl mom?


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