family adventure to cancun, mexico

at the beginning of july my family & i went on an adventure to cancun, mexico. it was our first time going there & flying with baby atlas! he was just 4 days shy of turning 9 months old & was overall a great travel companion and seemed to have a blast with all of us. it was challenging to entertain a wiggly baby who just wants to crawl & stand up all over the place in a little itty bitty airplane seat (& our flight was only 2 hours!), but we did it and we’re already talking about where to take our next family adventure.

we stayed at an all-inclusive resort called oleo cancun playa in the southern part of the hotel zone. it was right on the beautiful beach, literally steps away, and had meals, room service, snacks & drinks included. it was amazzziiingggg – the resort was boutique-like with three white, modern towers that made up the grounds and everything was so pretty & everyone was so sweet and accommodating – we loved every second of our stay! the whole trip was so fun & it was awesome to experience it all with my favorite people. below are about a bazillion photos we took if you’d like to see!

i think baby A really liked the king bed with crisp white sheets with the ocean-front view, but who wouldn’t?!

living his best life! he would roll around and crawl to each of us playfully and then crash on pillows and start all back over, he loved all the space of a king bed (we have a queen at home) & especially all the attention my family gave him, it was the sweetest!

waiting to board our plane- our flight was at 7 am so we got a reeeaaallly early start to the day & atlas’s schedule was thrown off a bit. he only napped for 30 minutes of the 2-hour plane ride (i was so sure he would be tired from getting up early but he gets FOMO baaaddd). he’s at an age where he is just curious about everything and wants to touch and explore, so keeping him chill in a small airplane seat was tough, but dek would walk the aisle with him and we busted out every toy and snack we had to keep him preoccupied.

we gave him a bottle during take-off & then he napped for the first 30 minutes of the flight

then he was up & wanting to touch everything and explore so dek mainly held him (since i was in the middle next to a stranger) & i would hand over different toys & snacks to keep baby A busy

baby toes

mexico crew heading to our resort!

quick 20-minute cat nap on the drive over from the airport

we made it to the beach!

first things first, we got pool bar snacks since we arrived before check-in

sister love!

this was our room! the resort was so sweet and put a pack & play for A to sleep in by the bed and also a changing station with a bath attached. we didn’t use the bath since dek would just rinse him off in the shower every day, but it was so nice of them!

the view was insaneeeee! i also loved the hat wall & even borrowed a few hats during our stay 🙂

luckily the resort had conjoining rooms for us so we could access my mom & sisters room through a door that locked. super convenient for when atlas would fall asleep at night and we would want to hang out and play cards or chill.

i love rattan light fixtures grouped together- such boho vibes. these were in the main dining room of the resort which we loved. it was buffet style with all different fruits, yogurts, juices, breads, dishes and desserts daily. i also loved the handwritten sayings on the chalkboard.

fresh fruit….yes, please!

we didn’t really take A back to the room to nap unless we had to. we tried to let him nap in the stroller or fall asleep on us, which he did a few times. this is the lightweight travel stroller we got for this trip & we really liked it!

this family loves the ocean! even atlas…despite his face

after some fun in the sun at the beach, it was bath & nap time with dad

dinner bound in a lbd

for our first morning in cancun, i booked a sunrise photoshoot for all of us. i wanted to capture beautiful family portraits to frame around my house and to cherish forever. we met our photographer arturo at plaza forum and from there we all walked a few steps to a beautiful beach.

BTS of our sunrise beach photoshoot- you can see all of our images from the session here

holding up a water bottle to get atlas to look up because he kept wanting to grab the sand & eat it

this is the beautiful shot arturo captured! see them all here.

the sunrise photoshoot wore baby A out! we took off his sweaty button-up shirt & he instantly fell asleep on me the whole bus ride back to the resort

breakfast time!

a cute reminder to have a nice day!

give me all of the fresh fruit juices, please & thank you

view from our room

a barracuda (!!!) with razor-sharp teeth that a lifeguard brought back to rinse off. not sure if it came up on shore or they went out to fish for it (probably the latter) but either way, it was freaky.

baby atlas loved poolside lime sorbet. it made his lips pucker…literally!

family photo out on my mom & sister’s balcony after showering and changing for dinner (this was one of the hats i borrowed from the hat wall in our room, ha!)


i changed into pants to take a family walk on the beach after dinner. we found a cancun sign and sat on it for a pic but mirelle & i were cracking up because our sandy toes touching was just so funny in that moment.

pre-bedtime fun on the giant king size bed

game night – we are suuuppper into monopoly deal right now! if you haven’t played it, you should get it – it’s so fun! we ordered chocolate cake & mint tea via room service and played a few rounds.

on day 2 in cancun, dek, baby atlas & i woke up to catch the sunrise with dek’s drone at one of the beaches nearby

we took the bus & made it to playa delfines just in time to catch the sun break over the ocean & it was SO beautiful

#babywearing FTW


making fun of baby A since he fell asleep in his stroller with his hands in a roller-coaster riding position

breakfast of coffee, juice, chocolate croissant, pancake (for A), melon, plain yogurt & granola and eggs – yum!

bussing it to the cancun flea market

baby A passed out on my shoulder after that bus ride for a little while before waking up and chillin in the stroller while we shopped in & out of stalls

group shot at flea market coral negro in cancun

we got back from the market and wanted to have lunch & head to the beach, but baby A had his own plans to nap in grandma’s arms

my mom was sweet & let A nap on her while we went to play at the beach

i wanna go baaaccckkkk. the beach really is my happy place.


all cleaned up & ready to go to dinner

my dress is called the “vacation to mexico dress” – how appropriate- i love it!

baby A is a new onesie grandma bought him from the flea market & a hat from the hat wall in our room. i think it fits, no?

off to dinner!

my plate was pretty much all cabbage salad with toasted bread & melted butter, it was so yummy

serene last morning at the beautiful oleo resort in cancun

my baby loves playing with empty water bottles!

we had to get margaritas at margaritaville in the cancun airport on our way home! funny that it was the 4th of july and we didn’t even realize until after we ordered red, white and blue drinks!

ready to board the plane home

annnnddd he’s out….only for 30 minutes again. but he was a good travel sport!

adios until next time, mexico!


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