1st birthday party & smash cake

atlas turned ONE exactly a month ago & i wanted to share a few photos from his special day to always remember. we have so much fun showering this little boy with love every single day, but being surrounded by friends & family made his birthday extra special.

my mom made his smash cake & my sister decorated it with edible gold stars, turned out soooo pretty…almost too pretty to smash! we had chili’s catering, cupcakes and good convos all around. my mom & sister also helped me inflate all of the balloons to create the arch…except i wouldn’t recommend anyone to do this at a baby or kids birthday party because i didn’t think of how much of a pain in the ass it would be to take it down/dispose of all of the balloons & the glitter pieces in the balloons. y’all, it was such a hassle! dek tried to pop them into a trash can outside but inevitably it made a huge mess in the yard & poor guy was out there vacuuming the grass for an hour! #partyfail atlas even tried to eat a piece of gold glitter and almost choked, so scary! we definitely learned our lesson. BUT balloon arches are so pretty and make such a statement & i would def order this kit again for an adult party.

i sprayed a birthday hat with rose gold spray paint since the birthday hat we had was primary-colored and didn’t go with my color scheme. i also decorated his high chair with a sign i got from a friend that i painted with bright gold glitter.

he loved poking at the cake & didn’t quite dig in like i expected him to but he got in a few good tastes…as did i!

it was soooo good!


cheers to another sweet year with you, my little love!


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