brunch & games

dek surprised us all with a really fun family holiday experience this past weekend. he invited my mom & sister over to our house on saturday morning at 10:30, right after atlas went down for his morning nap. he had gotten bagels from einsteins (their cinnamon sugar is MY FAV!) that morning & made a brunch spread of scrambled eggs, tomatoes, olives & pastries. he made lattes in our fancy-schmancy keurig & then we all enjoyed each other’s company conversation while having breakfast together at our dining table!

then, he busted out a new game called “that’s what she said” & we played after cheersing with mimosas!

it’s so inappropriate…GREAT game to play with your mom, HA! good thing ours is cool.

she is raunchier than we are, haha jk!! love you mom!

baby A woke up…probably from hearing us laugh so loud- the game was so fun! mirelle won, but it’s a game we will definitely bust out to play again & again!

group shot!

thanks for reading! you can see more of our family holiday experiences here!


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