getaway house: out of dallas for the night

i heard about getaway house a while back & was curious what it was all about. it looked like a little dreamy escape in nature & i was intrigued. i showed dekel and since we both love hiking, camping & adventure we decided to book a getaway! (see some of our hiking adventures from israel here & here) i had seen getaway house pop up on instagram & some bloggers i follow shared their experiences so i did my due diligence to check the website (they were on shark tank) & be sure the company wasn’t sketchy but it didn’t take long to convince us. we were itching to “getaway” somewhere close & do something different and it definitely turned out to be just that. we seriously had the best time getting out of dallas for the day/night & glamping under the stars!

although it was one of our most challenging nights with atlas, our toddler son who is about 1 year + 2 months old, because he didn’t nap all day (if you’re a toddler parent, i think you can relate) it was actually one of the best nights we’ve had in so long because it was SO different & “in nature” – truly a unique experience that we plan to do again!

at the getaway house outside of dallas called “piney woods” there are about ~40ish cabins and they are all named after family members of team members i believe…ours was bob.

you turn off a farm-to-market road & see a tiny spec of a black cabin up a short walking path from where you park the car. there are other cabins around but you can’t really see or hear other people through all the trees and brush. we felt secluded & safe.

when you step up into your tiny little cabin, it’s everything you need & really breath-taking with the giant window by the bed. it is a super small space, but the intention is that you cook/sleep in there & hang out and play outside! the bed was huge & so comfortable with crisp white hotel-style sheets.

#ootd in my newest favorite leggings


how cute is this personalized note on the folder containing info on the site grounds, hiking trails nearby, features about your cabin, FAQ and even postcards you can leave for the next guest or send to someone you love. and the best part….S’MORES!

i planned for us to make shakshuka for dinner & an easy breakfast of eggs, bacon & bread. we brought a few things from home to cook dinner & breakfast on the fire (cast-iron skillet, onion, avocado, tomato sauce/paste) & picked up a few things on the way at a local grocery store like eggs, cheese, bacon, parsley, olives, feta, sliced french bread, champagne & orange juice. what’s a camping trip without mimosas?!

as i mentioned earlier, our baby was crank from not napping all day, so dek was inside the cabin trying to put atlas to sleep (we brought a pack n’ play for him!) while i was outside making dinner in the dark…which, was cool & challenging! i had a headlight headband, but it was up to me to keep the fire going & not fuck up the food.

dek came out a few times while i was cooking, but atlas was screaming bloody murder so he kept going back in to calm him so we wouldn’t bother neighbors. so after about an hour (if not longer!) dek finally came out and atlas cried a little bit longer before passing out & we could enjoy dinner and drinks in silence. it was one of those nights where your baby is inconsolable unless attached to you but you got shit to do kinda nights.

we ate the shakshuka with slices of french bread and it was piping hot & delicious.

then it was s’mores time!


cheers to my bunny who kept our fire burning bright! we let it die down & we completely put it out around 11 or so & crawled into bed smelling like we crawled into the fire, but it’s all in the experience! we cuddled under the blanket and stars & left the blinds open so we could see them all night long.

breakfast tea time!

we got up, got dressed & got the fire going to start breakfast all while feeding baby A snacks. he woke up in good spirits!

simple, but tasty breakfast!

after breakfast, it was already time for atlas’s morning nap and he was getting restless and kinda crank again, so we packed up, loaded the car & headed home with memories to last a lifetime.


bye, getaway house! see you again soon!

thanks for reading!

if you have any questions about my experience, comment or message me! also, if you are interested to book with getaway house (they have locations in other states too!) use this link to save $25 on your first getaway.


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